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Renegade Supreme Degreaser

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Original price $19.00
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Supreme Degreaser

Supreme Degreaser is a powerful cleaner that will dissolve mud, brake dust, grease, and oil-based stains. This heavy-duty degreaser is excellent on engines, tires, machinery, tools, and garage floors. It contains wetting agents that quickly loosen and emulsify grease and grime to enable easy rinsing.

Supreme Degreaser is the perfect mix of "powerful yet safe". It is stronger than a conventional "all-purpose cleaner" and potent enough to be used on greasy, soiled engine surfaces (including aluminum with correct use) without the worry of instantly reacting with and etching the working surface. 

16oz. bottles of Supreme Degreaser are ready-to-use. Larger quantities should be diluted to a ratio of 1:10 when dealing with heavy grease, tar, or oil and diluted to a ratio of 1:20 for general cleaning of surfaces such as wheels and tires.

To use Supreme Degreaser, simply apply it to a brush, sponge, or microfiber applicator before agitating the surface that is to be cleaned. Rinse thoroughly with clean water when finished.