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Peterbilt 6" wide stainless steel fuel tank straps 26" #pft-fts-26-6-ss-st

SKU pft-fts-6-26-ss-st
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Original price $564.99
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Custom Wide Stainless Steel Tank Strap Kit For 26 Inch Peterbilt Tank

This aftermarket 6 Inch Wide Stainless Steel Fuel Tank Strap Kits for a 26 Inch Peterbilt fuel tank 
are made from top quality stainless steel to ensure lasting durability and performance.
The kit consists of 2 – 6 Inch wide stainless steel straps and 2 stainless steel T-Bolts, 
providing great replacement options when replacing your current fuel tank straps.

* High Quality Stainless Steel.
* 6 Inch Wide.
* Fits 26 Inch Diameter Tanks.
* Kit Consists Of 2 Straps And 2 T-Bolts.
* Will Fit Stock Peterbilt fuel Tank Brackets.
* Strap Liner Not Included, Sold Separately.
part number - pft-fts-26-6-ss-st