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Renegade Paint Correction Polishing Compounds

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Original price $17.00
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There are four varieties of Supreme Polish. They differ from each other in that each of them has a different amount of liquid polishing compound in them that allows for varying degrees of coarseness. They are outlined below:

Fine Supreme Polish is designed to provide swirl-free polish and a high gloss finish. This polish eliminates compound marks, ultra fine scratches & oxidization. This polish will eliminate 800-1200 grit sand scratches using a dual action or rotary polisher.

Medium Supreme Polish is a thick-bodied compound formulated with hollow micro abrasives to provide a fast initial cut that breaks down into a fine polishing material. It removes moderate to heavy oxidation, light scratches, and 1000-1200 grit wet sand scratches, along with other minor defects. Leaves a smooth surface ready for machine glazing. Safe for all types of paint.

Coarse Supreme Polish features a fast, aggressive cut for machine use on acrylic lacquer, enamels, and solid urethane paints to level orange peel and remove 800-1000 grit wet sand scratches, blemishes, cobwebs, heavy oxidation, water spots and more. Leaves a smooth, clean surface that's ready for light compounding or machine glazing.

Supreme All-in-One Cleaner, Polish, & Sealant will remove and correct light to moderate surface imperfections. As buffing continues, our abrasive system breaks down into a fine micro-polish and is infused with a glaze to help seal and protect your paint. This product is fantastic for polishing headlights & plastics such as acrylic motorcycle windshields.

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