Model Number Vehicle Style*
RW160-8899S Kenworth W990 / T880S (Set-Forward) 4-Piece Kit (For Split Fender)
RW160-900 Kenworth W900L 2-Piece Kit
RW160-880 Kenworth T880** (Standard Hood) 4-Piece Kit (For Split Fenders)**
RW160-567SF Peterbilt 567 (Set-Forward) 4-Piece Kit (For Split Fenders)
RW160-567SB Peterbilt 567 (Set-Back) 4-Piece Kit (For Split Fenders)
RW160-579 Peterbilt 579 4-Piece Kit (For Split Fenders)
RW160-389 Peterbilt 379/389 2-Piece Kit

* Each Kit includes a pair of fenderettes (one or two-piece each side) for the Driver Side and the Curb Side
** The Kenworth T880 also includes stainless steel trim pieces. These trim piece covers any factory holes that appear after the removal of the factory rubber fender flare.