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Renegade Touchless 2-Step Truck Wash Soap System

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Original price $10.00
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The Touchless 1 & 2 Truck Wash Soap was engineered & manufactured to be a best-in-class shampoo system that is powerful and effective for any professional or owner-operator to use. Due to the sheer size of a big rig or semi-truck, washing can be a daunting task that we have streamlined with our effortless 1 & 2 step soaping system.

Our Low pH truck wash (step 1) has a pH of about 3 or 4 and is used to to shock and emulsify the dirt, grime, bugs & industrial fallout that is embedded on the trucks surface. Because this soap is on the acidic side, it is imperative to follow this step with the High pH soap for step #2 to neutralize the acid as well as help to pull any remaining dirt and grime off of the vehicle. This is a dual action system that work together to clean the surface of the vehicle without having to scrub in many cases (not all). A Pressure washer system is required for these products and cannot be used by bucket. The Low pH is soap is not to be used as a standalone product and always requires the Hi pH soap as a second step. The High pH Soap can be used as a standalone product in some cases as a strip soap.

Touchless 2-part system that is EASY to use! Brush NOT required in most cases!
Engineered using organic, non corrosive acids that will not harm polished aluminum!
Safe on all vehicles, TRUCKS, SEMI TRUCKS & Cars!!
Biodegradable Formulation
Thick Concentrated Formulation
What is the best pressure washer for touchless washing?
The best electric pressure washer for a two-part touchless wash system would be this POWRYTE washer. This one is usually in the low $ 200 range which is great for affordability and quality.

The best gas powered pressure washer for the touchless wash system that is robust with power and will be EVERYTHING you need for the best performance is the Westinghouse Pressure Washer. This one will be just under $ 300

The best entry level pressure washer thats less than $100 that we recommend is the Greenworks Pressure washer.